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Samsung s8/Note 8 fast charging not working fix (yellow triangle)

Posted by Ed on May 2, 2018

Check out the video below that solves the problem of not being able to use fast charging anymore.

In my case the problem was that the cellphone was only slow charging, and a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark was appearing at the bottom when charging the battery.

Solution: When using the type C adaptor that came with the S8, and attaching it to a mini-USB cable, the yellow triangle did not appear anymore.

See also the official Samsung website for the type C adaptor:


Make sure to use only the original parts by Samsung, see also this article



After using the “USB-Adaptor + mini-USB cable” I tried charging using the standard “type C USB cable” again and the yellow triangle does not appear anymore.


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Air Force to software engineer – an inspiring story

Posted by Ed on March 28, 2018

Read this story by Jordan D. Jackson, an Air Force vet, that became a sofware engineer. Despite not having any coding experience his persistence landed him a job at twitter.

He used websites such as FreeCodeCamp, CodeAcademy, TheOdinProject, CodeSchool and Hackerrank to teach himself programming. He also began networking and met the right people at the right time.

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Learn to code with these websites

Posted by Ed on April 7, 2016

Two websites that teach you how to code are codeschool and codeacademy. They come with videos followed by interactive questions.

You can find more recommendations at:

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How Patreon was founded

Posted by Ed on April 7, 2016

You’ve probably heard of Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows people to support artists and creators via a subscription where only 5% are kept by Patreon as commission.

Listen to Jack Conte explaining how he founded Patreon together with Sam Yam. I admire the company because the idea is simple and yet so ingenious.  Conte and Yam were smart enough to recognize a niche and quickly  realise their idea.

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Playing Flappy Bird within Super Mario World

Posted by Ed on April 3, 2016

Check out this pretty impressive video by Sethbling showing how to inject the source code for Flappy Bird into Super Mario World. The programming is done within the game of Super Mario World.

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Github tutorials

Posted by Ed on February 7, 2016

Here are some nice github tutorials: Read the rest of this entry »

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Start menu in Windows 10 does not work anymore

Posted by Ed on December 8, 2015

Today I’ve finally received the notification for downloading Windows 10 as an upgrade from Windows 7. I had reserved it earlier a few months ago and was already worried that something was broken because it took so long. The installation was  smooth and went without any problems.

One thing I don’t like in Windows 10 is how the font looks like. The letters are suddenly so thin and it appears as if the antialiasing is too high compared to how they looked in Windows 7. I will have to look into this deeper later.

The next day I encountered something annoying. The start menu would not show up anymore, symbols in the task bar on the bottom right were not being displayed, and in the center of the task bar the icons for the browsers were missing. As a result, I couldn’t reopen a browser window after having minimized it.

Turns out that the culprit was Windows’s hibernating mode. When I shut down my computer I also turn off the power completely with a switch on the power strip. However, the computer needs some power in hibernating mode, otherwise data will get lost and this is probably what lead to the problems mentioned above.

Disabling the hibernating mode shuts down the computer completely and also allows turning the power off completely. To do so press the Windows Key + X and open a command prompt with administrator rights. Enter the command

powercfg -h off

This has resolved all the problems.

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Awesome Pycon 2015 presentations

Posted by Ed on April 29, 2015

Watch the Pycon 2015 presentations here. I recommend the excellent talk Facts and Myths about Python names and values by Ned Batchelder. It clears misconceptions you may have regarding assignments, references and values in Python. I love this slide.

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Some changes in Chrome

Posted by Ed on April 23, 2015

Today there were some changes for the Chrome browser that I did not like. Read the rest of this entry »

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PC does not boot and black screen – FIX

Posted by Ed on April 20, 2015

In this blog post I will describe how I solved a problem with my PC that did not want to boot and the screen remained black. Read the rest of this entry »

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