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PC does not boot and black screen – FIX

Posted by Ed on April 20, 2015

In this blog post I will describe how I solved a problem with my PC that did not want to boot and the screen remained black.

I had the problem that my PC froze and the only way to shut it down was by holding the power on button for three seconds. Even ctrl-alt-del in Windows 7 did not help, the system remained in the frozen state. After the shutdown I tried to reboot the PC, and then the real problem began. When I pushed the power on button, the PC did not boot up anymore.

Here were the symptoms:
– PC does not boot, screen remains black.
– The fans are running.
– USB mouse and PS2 keyboard did not receive power (no light).

Here were my attempts to fix the problem, and before you attempt any of those make sure you discharge the capacitors in your PC by unplugging the power chord and holding down the power button. You will hear the fan spin up for a split second. I held it down for 30 seconds. Also make sure that your body does not carry any static charge before you touch anything inside your computer.
– I blew the dust out. Result: Did not help.
– I performed a CMOS reset. Result: Did not help.
– I tested whether a Knoppix Linux live cd could boot my PC. Result: Did not help. Screen still remained black.
– As mentioned the method of holding down the power button also did not help with my problem.

When I already gave up one last google search revealed a method in this thread that finally solved my problem. I opened the PC and unplugged the RAM, cleaned the RAM pins with a Q-tip, and I also used the Q-tip to remove dust that was on one of the black chips of the RAM. Then I reinserted the RAM and made sure it was plugged into the motherboard properly. And voila, after this my PC booted again.

I want to emphasize that this is how I fixed the problem, there could be many other causes that prevent a PC from booting properly. I hope this helps you.


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