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Coder Girl

Posted by Ed on October 27, 2011

Check out Coder Girl, a song by Dale Chase. You should also have a look at the lyrics with a lot of reference to computer science.


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How to write Math Proofs – Part 2

Posted by Ed on October 15, 2011

Here is the continuation of How to write Math Proofs:

1) Why do we have to learn proofs
Joshua Cooper, Associate Professor Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina

2) Book of Proof
A complete book on mathematical proof writing by Richard Hammack, Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

3) Writing Mathematics
Ethan Bloch, Professor of Mathematics, Bard College

4a) Why do we do proofs? – Dr Joel Feinstein
4b) How do we do proofs? Part I – Dr Joel Feinstein
4c) How do we do proofs? Part II – Dr Joel Feinstein
Video lectures by Dr Joel Feinstein. Check out his blog.

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Awesome C++ tutorials by thenewboston

Posted by Ed on October 14, 2011

Sooooo, I’ve just finished watching these awesome C++ tutorial videos by Bucky Roberts, also known as thenewboston.
His C++ playlist contains 73 episodes and I highly recommend them. Bucky’s humor makes the lessons very entertaining
and he really explains concepts simply.

If you have never heard of Bucky before, check out his website thenewboston and
his youtube channel. You will find tutorials on a variety of topics such
as Java, PHP, Python, Game Development and much more.

Also read about his teaching philosophy here.

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The future of education: The KhanAcademy

Posted by Ed on October 9, 2011

Salman Khan gave a talk at TED where he talked about the KhanAcademy:

Khan became famous for making videos on several topics, such as math, finance, biology etc.
He even received a 2 million dollar prize from google and is supported by
the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today’s school education has a big flaw: The assumption that every student is learning at the same pace.
With those videos and the monitoring system offered by the KhanAcademy you allow every student to learn at his own pace.

As Bill Gates mentions after the TED talk this is the future of education.

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