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Note Reading Training

Posted by Ed on October 10, 2010


Below is a list of websites and programs that help you to improve your note reading. The last two links lead to programs that allow connecting your midi keyboard to a pc. I can imagine this to be a good sight reading training.

1) Ricci Adam’s musictheory.net
Trains identification in note, key signature, intervals, chords. Also offers ear training.

2) Speednote Reading Tutor
Identify notes as fast as possible. You can set different difficulty levels

3) Piano Pedagogy Plus
Lots of Flash Games with Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Intervall Training

4) emusictheory
Training for piano, guitar, violin, Cello

5) Playkidsgames
Trainer in a video game style

6) Music Tech Teacher
Quizzes on notes, rhythm and theory

7) Teaching Ideas
A fun looking Flash gaming training bass and treble clef reading. A little bar shows how much time is left to recognize the note.

8 ) Tetoria
Many different exercises programmed by Jose Rodriguez Alvira

9) Fast Keys
Click on the correct keyboard keys while the notes are still visible.

10) ‘Oliver the Octopus’ Music Theory Arcade
A fun game with an octopus and a shark.

11) Jalmus – Free sight-reading program
This program lets you connect your midi keyboard to the pc. Video demonstration.

12) Notesinaflash
This excellent program by Chiem Whua Ma lets you choose which notes you want to train. Also provides connecting your midi keyboard to your pc. Good sight reading trainer (Forum post about the program).


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