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Sketching directly in 3D

Posted by Ed on June 24, 2010


The above image shows a sketch in 3D. Not only is the aircraft presented in a three dimensional perspective, the sketch can be rotated as if it was a 3D model. To understand how this works watch the video below.

This amazing program named ILoveSketch lets you draw in 3D in a very clever way: it lets you define planes in which you can draw curves. It then helps you to construct vehicles or aircrafts by providing a mirror tool. There’s also a mechanism that smooths your curves.

ILoveSketch’s successor is called EverybodyLovesSketch. As it’s name suggests sketching becomes so easy that even high school students can create 3D models with it (see bottom of this website).

Both programs could help product designers or car designers create concepts much faster.


One Response to “Sketching directly in 3D”

  1. if i were a graphic artist, i would definitely think this was cool.

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