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Connect your Wiimote to PC

Posted by Ed on August 19, 2009

In the following I will describe how to connect your wiimote to a Windows PC, read some data from the wiimote and how to use Johnny Chung Lee’s virtual window program.

1) Connecting the wiimote to the PC
You’ll need a bluetooth adaptor, e.g. a bluetooth USB dongle. None of my desktop PC’s has one but luckily my laptop has one built in. I found this out after I had discovered the bluetooth logo right to the windows task bar. Then follow the steps in the videos: video 1, video 2
– Make sure to have full batteries in your wiimote. When pressing 1 and 2 on the wiimote for synchronisation all four lights must blink. If only one or two of the blue led’s blink the batteries are almost empty.
– When trying to connect the wiimote to the PC it is best to hold down the 1 and 2 button.

2) Read acceleration and IR camera data
You can now read some data from your wiimote. Download the newest version of WiinRemote from here.
a) Leaving the wiimote on the table the program shows you this:
The red, green and blue curves show acceleration data. You’ll notice that they are almost constant. Only gravity is registered. Note: Be careful not to press the B button on the backside of the wiimote otherwise you will enable the cursor mode in the program. The mouse cursor will then keep on moving to the right top corner. If this happens just press the B button again.

b) Now, take the wiimote and move it back and forth. You’ll notice that this time the red, green and blue curves change with time. This means that the acceleration is not constant.

c) Turn on your Wii console and point the wiimote towards the IR sensor bar. The program shows how the wiimote sees the sensor bar. It registers two infrared light sources (white dots 1 and 2) and calculates the center (yellow dot). As you may know the wiimote has an infrared camera.

d) What other infrared light sources could you take? Let’s take a candle and point the wiimote to it. The program shows one dot.

3) Johnny Chung Lee’s virtual window program
Download the program by Johnny Chung Lee here. Extract the folder. Important: Unlike Johnny’s description on his website do not open the file WiiDesktopVR.exe in the main folder but go to WiiDesktopVR_v02\WiiDesktopVR\bin\Debug and open the WiiDesktopVR.exe file there.
But before you open the program you must connect the wiimote to the computer. Place the wiimote below or next to your monitor. Turn on the Wii console, take the IR sensor bar and move it around. You’ll notice that the perspective on the screen changes. You’ll get an impressive result if you take a digital camera and move it together with the IR sensor bar (watch for example: video 1, video 2). Note: You can tell the program your center position by pressing space.


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