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Nice Introduction to Category Theory

Posted by Ed on July 21, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words. I can confirm this for the nice introduction to category theory by jao. I’ve tried to understand category theory some time ago but all I remember is that a category consists of a class of objects and a class of arrows. Then I discover this little jem with a text accompanied by beautiful diagrams and suddenly it becomes all very intuitive and clear, even the functors. Somehow, functors remind of the isomor Read the rest of this entry »


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Bill Gates puts Feynman Lectures online

Posted by Ed on July 16, 2009

It turns out that Bill Gates is a fan of Richard Feynman. So he bought the rights to the Feynman Messenger Lectures and made them available to us at Project Tuva.

CERN Bulletin

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Tutorial on Pointers in C++

Posted by Ed on July 11, 2009

In C++ there is something called pointers, and I’d like to explain what they are. But before I explain them I’d like to thank simplcool for his excellent tutorial on pointers in C++. Watch his videos: part1 and part2. Another introduction to pointers in C can be found here. (The picture on the left is from xkcd)

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Paganini Caprice No 24 – Violin vs Guitar

Posted by Ed on July 4, 2009

Caprice No. 24 is a very beautiful music piece. I listened to a guitar version first and later learned that it was composed by Paganini. And as you might know, Paganini composed it for violin. Compare and decide which one you like:

Here the orginal version as Paganini intended it to be played (by Hillary Hahn):

And here the guitar version (by Su Meng): Read the rest of this entry »

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